Winter can be a dreary and gray time of year! Your beautiful, vibrant spring landscape has turned brown and tired. But did you know you can create a colorful and vibrant landscape that provides interest all year? Continue reading to learn our recommendations for creating a winter interest landscape in Fayetteville, North Carolina!


This may be an obvious recommendation. However, many people only think of conifers when they think of evergreens. But did you know there are so many more options for evergreens?! The classification of evergreens is much broader than that of conifers. There are many broadleaf options for evergreens! Some include holly, ligustrum, nandinas, cleyera, camellia, and many more! Planting evergreens in your landscape will keep your yard green and alive during the winter.


When creating a winter interest landscape in Fayetteville, North Carolina!, select plants that produce berries in the winter! The holly is a tried and true evergreen that produces berries during this time! Many varieties of hollies may not produce berries, so be sure to select one that does. We recommend the Ilex ‘Red Beauty’ or pyracantha!

Another plant that produces an abundance of berries is the cotoneaster. While this plant is not an evergreen, it makes up for it by producing a ton of berries on its bare branches.

Wintergreen barberries are another favorite; they are evergreen and produce berries for winter interest!

Winter-Blooming Flowers

Yes! There are plants that produce winter-blooming flowers! Our favorite winter-blooming plants are mahonia, camellia, pieris, and witch hazel!

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