As many homeowners know, having an irrigation system comes with many benefits. Irrigation systems are used to water landscapes to include trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns. Systems like these require minimal input for operation. However, regular irrigation maintenance repairs are crucial to ensure proper watering, the elimination of failures, water conservation and damage to the system.

Repairs can prevent water loss and further damage. Damage types include leaks, clogs, or broken irrigation pipes. You will see issues like these when areas of water exposure either become too dry or too wet. For example, dry grass could be due to a loss of pressure or a broken head attached to your system. Grass that is too wet could be due to a leak in your system which could be an even cause disease and weeds.

Irrigation repairs can sometimes be easy to fix yourself. However, it is advisable to have a licensed irrigation contractor perform work on your system. To maintain a proper working system do regular checks. Some of the most common irrigation checks are as followed:

  • Clogged Nozzles
  • Leaking Sprinklers and Valves
  • Overspray on Sidewalks, Streets, or Walls
  • Missing Nozzles
  • Pipe Leaks or Breaks

Some of the above issues may require the help of an irrigation contractor.

Clogged Irrigation Maintenance

Dirt and debris can get trapped in the filter or nozzle which can cause clogs. The clumping wet soil may cause clogs the sprinkler heads, in this case, little to no water exiting nozzle, and adequately water desired areas.

Sprays and Rotors

To perform fix:

    • Turn water source off.
    • Unscrew the top of sprayer by turning it counterclockwise and remove the filter from inside of the sprinkler. Spray nozzle off to remove excess debris.
    • Flush Irrigation line to clear out dirt and debris.
    • Replace filter and nozzle and then turn system back on to check that water is spraying in the right location.

Sprinkler/ Valve Leaks

Leaks can occur when sprinkler seals become worn out. Damages like this happen if a sprinkler head has been run over while doing yard work such as mowing, or if for some reason the sprinkler has been run over by automobiles. Unchecked water loss can result in high water bills or damage to the yard from an area being too wet. A leak can cause disease in the affected area or an increase in weeds.



Overspray is detected when surrounding walls or hardscape areas are wet during and after a water cycle. When this happens, adjustments should be made to direct the water source to the desired areas.

  • Some fixes include:
    • Tilting the head or rotating it.
    • Remove sprinkler head to be adjusted.
    • Remove soil away from sprinkler head and straighten platform.
    • Replace and pack soil around the body of the sprinkler to adjust the alignment of water.
    • Use adjustment screws or dials.


Nozzles detach from sprinkler body over time or could be cut off when lawn maintenance equipment hits the body. When a nozzle is missing the pressure of the water system increased in missing area and decreases pressure in opposing areas. This causes dry areas and exceptionally moist areas near the area that is missing a nozzle.

Benefits of Keeping System Operating

Convenient Solution, Most people, find themselves busier in the days, neglecting the time to properly pay attention to lawn care needs. Maintaining a working system will help to ensure that the sprinklers operate without anyone needing to be home, for automatic watering times to happen, and to supply the needs that a lawn requires without having to be at home.


Preserve Nutrients in Soil

Hand watering your lawn can cause too much water to seep into your soil. When over-watering occurs, this reduces nutrients available to a garden which can cause a decrease in growth and suffocation of roots. An irrigation system supplies smaller drops to absorb into the soil maintaining its nutrients. If a system works correctly, there won’t be leaks or clogs blocking your lawns watering needs.


Conserve Time and Water

Performing irrigation system maintenance is crucial to ensure you don’t waste time on more significant fixes and save money. Larger repairs cost you more time and water than it would to simply do the required maintenance. Luckily, most contracted professionals can fix and adjust systems without you even home, most just need access to your control box. It’s essential to keep doing yourself a favor by keeping your irrigation system in check which keeps you and your lawn happy.

Images provided courtesy of Rain Bird Corporation.