Gardening Notes

Weed Removal & Prevention

By: Tony Penny Hello, My name is Tony Penny. I am the “Assistant Nursery Manager” here at Green Biz. I also function as the “Irrigation Technician” as well as, the “Chemical Technician”. Today I would like to talk to you about “Weeds”. If you have a lawn or a landscape bed, you probably have weeds. They are […]

Azalea Notes

By Bob Parrish Did you know that the word azalea comes from the Greek word dry? Azalea varieties also number over 30,000. Many thousands have been named and developed through countless decades by the Japanese. It has been long thought that azaleas thrive under dry conditions and thus the Southeast is an azalea haven in […]

Are We There Yet?

By Bob Parrish Plants, like people, get confused sometimes. Especially, like when the weather is topsy-turvy. One day it’s 75?F ± and the next day it’s 25?F. Plants have built in mechanics to protect themselves. A lot of times they get overwhelmed by several days of warm weather and then the weather goes sour. All […]

Irrigation System Owners “Start Your Systems!”

By: Bond Jordan It’s spring and time to think about starting up our irrigation systems. We had a cold winter and some systems most likely did not get properly winterized. Be careful if you are turning on your system yourself for the first time this season. Look for leaks on zones and main lines. April […]

Pruning and Deadheading Perennial Flowers

Maintaining your landscape beds year-round doesn’t have to be a chore. You can reap the benefits of arranged pruning with a few simple steps. Take note of the specific types of plants in your garden. Do they have singular or lateral stalks with blossoms? Identify which blooms need to be pruned or simply removed. Prune all necessary […]

How to Efficiently Use Irrigation

Planning your watering schedule whether for new beds or established gardens can be a challenge during changing climate conditions, including consistent drought or extreme temperatures. Your county or city may also place watering restrictions throughout the region. Following a few basic guidelines in your planting and watering routine can provide a smooth transition for existing […]

Dianthus in the Landscape

By Charlie Allen Plant a new species of Dianthus in your summer landscape There are plenty of dianthus varieties ranging from the exceptional blooms of Wild carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) to striking design of Modern Pink (Dianthus ‘Allwoodii’). They are a complimentary annual, biennial, or perennial to any garden, adding color and height with showy blooms and […]

Centipede Decline

By: Charlie Allen Centipede decline is a term commonly used to describe several diseases that can affect your centipede lawn. Caring for you lawn properly can improve the chances that your lawn will remain unaffected. Several of the diseases that can affect centipede are: There are several other factors that can affect the growth and […]