Adding a water feature has many benefits for both you and your home! Even a small water feature can add many benefits to your property and your health! Continue reading to learn the benefits of adding a water feature to your landscape.

Reduce Stress

It is known that the sight and sound of moving water can reduce stress and anxiety and even slow your respirations. This is why we love falling asleep on the beach! But now you don’t have to travel to the beach to hear moving water. Instead, imagine coming home after a long, challenging day at the office and sitting on your porch listening to the sound of the waterfall just a few feet away. Again, the health benefits are abounding.

Attract Wildlife

Running water is also known the attract wildlife, as it serves as a water source and, for some animals, a food source! Watching wildlife can also reduce stress. Birds, deer, lizards, and frogs will make a trip to the local watering hole.

The sights will not be the only thing you encounter with your water feature. The lovely sounds of the neighborhood bullfrog, crickets, and cicadas will lull you to sleep if the water feature is near a bedroom window!

Enhance the Beauty of Your Yard

Enhancing the beauty of your yard is the most obvious benefit of adding a water feature. It is the next step in leveling up your landscape, especially if you have already invested in your yard using a professionally designed and installed landscape.

Increase Property Value

A well-designed and maintained water feature can be the selling point of your house. The buyer will be quite impressed with their backyard’s already established spa retreat. It may even be why they buy the house!

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