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Harvesting Trees

Have you ever wondered how we dig our trees from the nursery? Balled and burlapped trees are grown in our fields for 2 or more years. The trees are harvested in winter. We use a Tree Spade attachment on our tractor to dig up the large trees.

There is an advantage to buying a field grown tree. The trees are both large and sturdy and will make an immediate impact on your landscape.

Check out our video for a peek behind the scenes.

Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees

Treat Balled and Burlapped trees with care. The roots are delicate do not or step on them. Follow these steps when planting your new tree.

  • Measure the root ball from top to bottom. The hole should be slightly smaller than this measurement. You want the top of the root ball to be approximately 2 inches above the soil.
  • You can remove the wire from the root ball before planting. The burlap bag can stay around the roots. If you are planting in a windy area, consulate with your local nursery for instructions. Fill the hole to within 2 inches of the top and water it. You can apply mulch around the tree to help keep the roots cool.
  • The tree will need deep watering, allowing the tree to dry between waterings.

Green Biz Nursery provides a variety of balled and burlapped trees and offers a planting service.