Did you know there are several different types of hibiscus? There are perennial, tropical, and woody ornamental hibiscus plants. Each one has different temperature requirements, grow to reach different heights, and produces slightly different flowers! Continue reading to learn all about hibiscus!


The tropical hibiscus is the classic tropical flower that can be found on Hawaiian shirts and graphics. This plant is considered an annual in much of the US, as it cannot tolerate temperatures below 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the tropical is regarded as a perennial in southern Florida and tropical locations.

This plant is typically used in containers to decorate around pools and porches. This hibiscus prefers full sun and should be watered often. Remember, once cooler weather arrives, you must bring it indoors if you want it to live through the winter.


A perennial hibiscus, also known as a hardy hibiscus, comes back yearly. This perennial flower can handle temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit! This plant produces red, white, and pink flowers that are known for being quite large! The more established these plants become, the larger the flowers grow. Many people refer to these flowers as dinner plate size!

Woody Ornamental

Of the plants discussed, the Rose of Sharon is the only woody shrub. This plant is not a perennial or an annual. In fact, it is considered a deciduous plant, as it loses its leaves in the winter.

While the Rose of Sharon produces a much smaller flower than the other plants previously mentioned plants, it can still put on quite a show! This plant produces blue, white, and pink flowers and can grow 8-10 feet tall!

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