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September Garden Tips

September Garden Tips Can you believe summer is already over? Where did the time go? With Labor Day almost here, it is time to get into gear for fall! While it may not be spring, there is plenty to do during fall to keep you busy in your yard. Please continue reading to learn our September garden tips! Prepare for Fall Plantings Fall is the best time to plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our temperatures … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Crape Myrtle Bloom All Summer Long

How to Make Your Crape Myrtle Bloom All Summer Long Besides Southern Magnolias, Crape Myrtles are the iconic tree of the Southeastern United States. Known for its crepe-like flowers, this tree can withstand the scorching summer temperatures and even our drought-like conditions. While the crape myrtle is a reasonably resilient tree, there are still some basic TLC tasks that can help your crape myrtle thrive and bloom longer during the summer. Continue reading to learn … Continue reading

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All About Hibiscus

All About Hibiscus Did you know there are several different types of hibiscus? There are perennial, tropical, and woody ornamental hibiscus plants. Each one has different temperature requirements, grow to reach different heights, and produces slightly different flowers! Continue reading to learn all about hibiscus! Tropical/Annual The tropical hibiscus is the classic tropical flower that can be found on Hawaiian shirts and graphics. This plant is considered an annual in much of the US, as … Continue reading

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August Garden Tips

August Garden Tips Summer is coming to an end, while hurricane season is ramping up. While the growing season is almost over, there are still plenty of tasks to mark off your list! Continue reading to learn our August Garden Tips! Plan for Fall Planting Fall is right around the corner! In Fayetteville, NC, fall is the best time to plant a new landscape. The temperatures are milder, and rain tends to be more abundant. … Continue reading

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July Garden Tips

July Garden Tips July can be one of the most challenging months for your yard. The temperatures are steadily rising, and rain is not as plentiful as it was a couple of months ago. While this is normal for Fayetteville, NC, keeping your newly sodded lawn and freshly installed plants happy and thriving can still be challenging. Keep reading to learn our July garden tips! Mulch is Your Best Friend If you recently installed new … Continue reading

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Benefits of Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscape

Benefits of Adding a Water Feature to Your Landscape Adding a water feature has many benefits for both you and your home! Even a small water feature can add many benefits to your property and your health! Continue reading to learn the benefits of adding a water feature to your landscape. Reduce Stress It is known that the sight and sound of moving water can reduce stress and anxiety and even slow your respirations. This … Continue reading

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How to Use Plants for Privacy

How to Use Plants for Privacy While we love our neighbors (most of the time), we still desire a little bit of privacy. Even if you don’t live in a neighborhood, chances are you still need to create a screen to hide a busy highway, an unsightly ditch, or to make a property line more established. Continue reading to learn how to use plants for privacy. Know Your Height Requirements Screening plant material comes in … Continue reading

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Shade Loving Plants

Shade Loving Plants Don’t let the shady areas in your yard make you feel defeated! It is an excellent opportunity to bring in some lush plants to fill in the space. Continue reading to learn Jane’s recommendations for shade-loving plants! Mahonia Mahonias come in several varieties, some being smaller growers, while others grow to 3-4 feet. While mahonias can differ in size, they are all evergreens, which means they will stay green all year long. … Continue reading

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June Garden Tips

June Garden Tips June is here, and so is the rain, which is promptly accompanied by weeds and garden chores. Follow these June Garden Tips to keep your yard in check! Deadhead! Yes, it is that serious. Deadheading is merely the removal of spent blooms. Deadhead all spring flowers. Removing the dead blooms will promote new blooms and keep these flowers going strong! Cut deep into the plant and not at the end of the finished … Continue reading

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Native Trees of North Carolina

Native Trees of North Carolina It is crucial to plant trees and shrubs that are native to your area. It is vital for the wildlife, as the native plants provide shelter, and is essential for the pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. There are so many benefits to planting native trees. Continue reading to learn about some native trees of North Carolina! Eastern Redbud Eastern Redbuds can be seen growing in the forest and along … Continue reading

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