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April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the dogwoods have finally opened! It is Springtime (finally)! You’ve waited all winter for this moment. It is time to get outside and start working in your garden. Use these April gardening tips as a guideline to get started! Test Soil Before you do anything, it is a good idea to get your soil tested! The results of the test will allow you to … Continue reading

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Shrub Placement

Shrub Placement Believe it or not, the location of a shrub plays a vital role in its survival rate! It is essential to be able to answer some fundamental questions when installing plants in your yard. Shrub placement is the most critical aspect of creating a landscape that thrives. Sunny or Shady? “Is it sunny or shady” is the single most important question to ask yourself when installing plant material. Many plants will not thrive … Continue reading

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March Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips Spring has almost arrived, and we could not be more excited. Before you know it, you will be out in your yard in shorts and a t-shirt, soaking in the sun while playing out in your garden! But don’t be so quick to push through March just to get to April. March is a critical month to prep and maintain your yard! Here are some March gardening tips to help you get … Continue reading

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Inside Our Potting Barn

Inside Our Potting Barn Have you ever wondered what goes into potting up a plant and growing them to be ready to be sold to our customers? A lot goes into the process, but the most important part of creating our nursery stock is our potting barn! Within the potting barn of our nursery, sits the potting machine. This machine is responsible for the majority of our smaller stock getting potted. The large bin that … Continue reading

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Incredibly Happy!

Green Biz has been incredible. Professional, well versed on landscaping and personal. I had 4 retaining walls put in and land grading. The work they did has really improved the landscape. I look forward to my next project. There is no one else in Fayetteville who can compete. I am incredibly happy with the work! John S.

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February Garden Tips

February Garden Tips While winter is still lingering, there is still work to be done in the garden! Follow these February garden tips to be ahead of the curve when spring finally arrives: Fertilize While now is not the time to fertilize most plants that are still sleeping, or dormant, February is the time to fertilize all shade trees and any emerging spring flowers. By now you should begin to notice the small blossoms on … Continue reading

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Pruning Crape Myrtles

Pruning Crape Myrtles Driving around town, one will notice the “Crape Murder” that is committed year after year. Unfortunately, it is a misconception that the correct way to prune Crape Myrtles is to aggressively “hack” them back. This, however, is incorrect and will have long-term effects on your beautiful Crape Myrtle. Pruning Crape Myrtles does not take a seasoned professional, but it does require some research. Follow these steps when pruning your Crape Myrtle: How … Continue reading

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Using Downspout Drains for Erosion Control

Implementing Downspout Drains for Erosion Control A common problem among homeowners is water and erosion control. More often than not, rain and water runoff from the roof can cause problems for your house and your yard. It is important to implement a system, such as downspout drains, that will eliminate any erosion that may occur with water runoff. In the video above, the client was experiencing erosion from the water runoff from the carport. We … Continue reading

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Winter Garden Tips: 6 Things You Must do in Your Garden

  6 Must-do Winter Gardening Tips   After putting in a lot of time and effort into your yard during the spring, summer, and fall months, it is easy to develop “Gardener’s Depression” during the winter months. What’s a gardener to do in these barren, lifeless days of winter? Believe it or not, there is plenty to do during the cold months ahead. Here are 6 winter gardening tips to keep you busy this winter: … Continue reading

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Spiral Topiary: Step by Step Guide

Spiral Topiary

Have you tried or considered trimming your Topiary? Topiary trees are great to add character to any outdoor space. But, let’s be honest, shaping and maintaining a topiary will take patience.  The Bottom of the Topiary 1. Plant your boxwood in a large container with your soil-based potting mix.  To shape a spiral with a ball shape on top, what you will need to do is start from the bottom and work your way to … Continue reading

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