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March Gardening Tips

March Gardening Tips

Spring is on its way! Make the best use of your garden bed in March using these March Gardening Tips!


Now is the time to begin fertilizing shrubs and shade trees as they break out of dormancy. This will give an extra boost to the plant material that has been “sleeping” all winter.


If you don’t already have a raised garden bed, now is the time to construct the bed! Take measurements, buy the supplies, and get the soil so you can hit the ground running!

Add Composted Cow Manure

If you have already built your garden bed, now is the time to add composted cow manure and fertilizer to the area to prepare for planting.


Clean up those pansies and other winter annuals. They still have some life left in them!


Now is the time to trim and clean up liriope and prune off any dead or damaged areas that the cold winter may have left behind.


Prune quince and other late winter-blooming shrubs once flowers fade and the plant has leafed out. This is a great time to shape these shrubs, too. Shape and prune summer-blooming plant material in March.


Prune and shape blueberry and raspberry bushes, as well as grapevines. Also, prepare trellises and/or wire posts for grapevines.


Apply a “Weed & Feed” to your lawn if you are seeing a lot of weeds pop up. Feeding your lawn is important at this point in the year because the lawn has been dormant all winter and will need energy and food once the lawn “wakes up.”


Most importantly, have patience. The biggest downfall is when gardeners get too excited and plant items too early. We aren’t out of the woods just yet. Temperatures can still drop into the 30’s at night and frosts and freezes are still a reality.

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