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Green Biz has been a leader in the greater Fayetteville, NC, area in landscaping and plant care since its inception in 1979.

For more than four decades, Green Biz has provided North Carolina’s finest horticulture and gardening services, both commercially and residentially.

Green Biz operates the largest growing nursery in Cumberland County, with a professional and knowledgeable staff of certified plantsmen and horticulturalists.

Additionally, Green Biz is proud to be a member of many Fayetteville-area clubs and organizations, such as:

  • American Nursery Landscape Association
  • North Carolina Association of Nurserymen
  • Southern Nursery Association
  • Johnston County Nursery Association

Our staff includes certified pesticide applicators and certified backflow inspectors. Green Biz is proud to have a team of talented and dedicated individuals trained in the latest horticulture and landscaping techniques and technology.

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