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Fire Pits For Your Outdoor Space

Nothing says come hang out this evening like a fire pit. It’s a place to sit, tell stories, listen to music and talk with friends and family. Fire pits are versatile; you can enjoy them in warm months roasting smores and hobo pies after long summer fun-filled days. The offer a place to sit back and relax after a long week of work. Big Space, Small Space, No Problem. Fire Pits come in all shapes and sizes. … Continue reading

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Creating Your Outdoor Space

  Creating Outdoor Space   Whatever your reasons for creating your outdoor space we have three things you must incorporate. Items that provide privacy and style add in elements of fire and water and lighting.   Privacy & Style. Some homes sit very close to their neighbors. Adding a privacy screen of some sort will help relax the feel and mood of the space. Privacy screens come in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials. Don’t forget to … Continue reading

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Green Biz Lawn Maintenance & Installation Services

Green Biz: Lawn maintenance and Installation Services Our services cover residential and commercial customers. We provide services such as trimming sod installation irrigation installation irrigation maintenance shrub and tree pruning planting and mulching Paver Installation Retaining Wall Installation ponds and fountains Our Staff Green Biz Staff members are professionals who background and education in landscaping. Our Customer Service staff will provide excellent communication and workmanship. Our clients will be confident that they have selected the right company to complete … Continue reading

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Yellow Bellied Sap-Sucker

an unlikely pest to the trees of Fayetteville, North Carolina

That Pretty Little Pest: Yellow Bellied Sap-Sucker The Yellow Bellied Sap-Sucker comes from the woodpecker family. This pretty bird is a pest and will create lines of shallow holes in trees. These holes will leave trees susceptible to disease and insect damage. Identification These small woodpeckers have bold colored feathers. The body is made up of black and white feathers, and the forehead boasts a bright red stripe. The males have brightly colored red neck feathers. The chests of these … Continue reading

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Pine Straw? Wood Mulch? Stone?

An example of wood mulch landscape

Do you mulch with pine straw? Should you mulch with a wood variety? Could you mulch with stone? Do you even mulch? Pine Straw, Stone or Wood Mulch? The purpose of all these choices is to aid in maintaining soil moisture, control soil temperature, slow weed growth, and provide beauty and contrast to a landscape.  Also, it can help prevent soil erosion. Pine Straw  Pine straw is purchased in bales. Place the bundles of pine straw throughout the areas you want … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Summer Landscaping

Looking for the dirt on how to enhance your landscaping this summer? You have come to the right place. Summer is a great time to touch up outdoor areas and add an extension to your living areas. Here is a look at some great and simple ways to get the beautification you are looking for! Get Green with Foliage: Foliage is a great way to give your outdoor space a subtle color choice while adding … Continue reading

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What is a French Drain?

a diagram of how a french drain collects water

Without proper drainage, water can build up excessively, leaving pools of water in the low spots of an area. A French Drain can reroute the flow of water in an area with water build up issues. What is a French Drain? A French Drain is a sloped trench filled with gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your house. These drains provide a path that diverts pooling water away.  This drain will alleviate potential water damages to your home … Continue reading

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Irrigation repair – Common Repairs

Irrigation Maintenance

As many homeowners know, having an irrigation system comes with many benefits. Irrigation systems are used to water landscapes to include trees, plants, shrubs, and lawns. Systems like these require minimal input for operation. However, regular irrigation maintenance repairs are crucial to ensure proper watering, the elimination of failures, water conservation and damage to the system. Repairs can prevent water loss and further damage. Damage types include leaks, clogs, or broken irrigation pipes. You will see issues … Continue reading

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The Right Lawn Mowing Service

Landscaper in Fayetteville NC

Taking care of your lawn is a serious chore. Mowing your turf is only part of the never-ending battle with nature. Many choose to hire a professional lawn mowing service or even the kid up the street. Green Biz would like to offer you a few tips that will help you decide who to hire. • What certifications does the company have? • Find out if the company carries insurance • What services do you want to be … Continue reading

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Upgrade Your Landscape in 2015

Landscaping in Fayetteville NC

Make 2015 the year you finally upgrade your landscape in Fayetteville NC! The are many different types of landscape design to chose from, such as contemporary, formal, cottage garden or Mediterranean. At Green Biz, we are experts in landscape design. We help you chose the best look for you and your home. Upgrading your yard means better curb appeal, and a backyard perfect for relaxing and enjoying time outdoors with friends and family. We will upgrade your landscaping in … Continue reading

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